Hot Dogs

Since the weather has got SUPER nice which is lovely to walk in it is so important to keep an extra eye on your dog and be mindful of how they're feeling in the sun! All of the pet parents I interact with are super responsible when it comes to cooling down their animals in the Summer which is fab! and the majority of what I write will be known but, I just wanted to do a little blog piece on pets in summer as it has become such a big issue recently, getting a lot more exposure and lack of responsibility can result in neglect without even knowing. A few things to help your pooch on hot days are: Shorter walks in cooler times of the day (morning and evening), cooling products such as cooling mats/bandanas/pool etc (there's deals on at Aldi, b&m, the range etc. will be a bit cheaper than your local pet store). checking the pavement with the back of your hand or to walk bare foot on the pavement yourself - if its too hot for you its definitely too hot for them and can cause paws to burn and blister, plenty of fresh water (a pop up bowl for walks always comes in handy), you can even make dog icepops! (link below) shade and even a fan if necessary, make sure to keep your dogs beds/crate in a cool shaded area and most importantly NEVER leave your dog in a car on a hot day even for a minute and even with the windows open! Also, I purchase a cooling spray which I love and my pets seem to love too! to my knowledge is perfectly safe for dogs! its shown in the blog photo and its only £1 from B&M!  So please enjoy this summer sun but always be mindful of your furbabies! 


Collar Cubs xo

Link for doggo ice pop recipe (there's loads more)  -