Appreciation of Pets!

Since starting Collar Cubs I've been very fortunate to have met the dogs and pet parents that I have on my books. I've always had a connection with animals and its never been stronger than it is now! since meeting my pack and seeing their different personalities and their relationships they hold with their parents, other dogs and myself has made me realise that I really do have the best work mates ever! I think its important for myself and my business that I'm personalised and do the little things that I do for my own dogs at home and that I know i'd want if I were allowing someone else to walk and spend time with my own pooches! I send out seasonal cards, gifts and recently I decided to hand out certificates and mid term treats to all my dogs. Also, I've created a little poem (which may seem like the work of a toddler) portraying a little snippet of my dogs personalities.

toys blog.jpg

Bundles of toys for bundles of joys

blog certificate.jpg

One of our cubs proudly showing off his certificate!

Collar Cubs in under 6O seconds poem!

Mika the Akita with the dopey run

She’s the boss of linthorpe cemetery constantly looking for fun!

Bully the Bull Terrier the most handsome boy of all

But Oh so dozy bumping into every wall!

Then we have Lizzie, throw sticks and she goes crazy

Still beautiful with 3 legs, she could never be called lazy!

Ella's our Diva old lady, melts my heart with her Grinch feet

Even with arthritis she still walks to the beat!

Marnie is our baby only a few months old

Small and feisty she always gets Rupert told!

Toby the terrier apart of the pack for a small while

But our few months together will always make me smile!

Daisy, Jacob and Theo who I don’t see every week

But would have any time as they’re all so lovely and unique!

Then we have the pet parents, some I don’t see often

But the love they show for their dogs makes my heart soften!

Collar cubs has introduced me to all these pooches, that is how we met

Walking you all every week, cuddles and adventures is one thing i’ll never regret!


Collar Cubs XO